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Published November 30, 2022 | Version 14.0.2
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geoschem/geos-chem: 14.0.2


Release date: 29 Nov 2022


This is a bug fix release featuring minor fixes and updates since 14.0.1.

From Fixed
  • Added fix for writing dry-run header to log file
  • Updated KPP diagnostics archive flags
  • Rewrote code to avoid memory leaks (identified by the code sanitizer)
  • Updated EDGAR v6 CH4 emission files to correct timestamp issue
  • Updated CH4 Lakes emission files to correct time unit issue
  • Added fix for CH4_RICE emissions from EDGAR v6
  • Fixed indentation error in the legacy_bpch section ofgeoschem_config.yml template files
  • Removed "dry air" from the metadata of fields State_Met%AIRVOL and State_Met%BXHEIGHT
  • Applied fixes for CESM runs: Turned off sea salt emissions; Modified time cycle flag for YUAN_MODIS_LAI
  • Updated CESM HISTORY.rc to work with new CESM-GC diagnostics interface
  • Updated sample fullchem restart files copied to run directories to 14.0.0 10-year benchmark output
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