Published November 29, 2022 | Version v1
Journal article Open

Do Teenagers See Room for Dreams in Mathematics Classes?

  • 1. Instituto Federal de São Paulo


Based on the authors Paulo Freire, Ole Skovsmose, and Emmanuel Lévinas, as well as philosophers connected to the traditional school, this text intends to pursue a particular research question within the general objective of my ongoing thesis, namely, “How do teenagers see room for dreams in mathematics classes?” It is qualitative research, inspired by the methods of case study and oral history. Data production was carried out with adolescents from two schools: one located in Brazil and the other in Colombia. Semi-structured interviews and discussion groups were carried out, and the data production took place in 2019. I address some theoretical concepts regarding the concept of dreams, as well as aspects related to what we recognize as a traditional school. After that, I present an initial analysis, based on students’ discussions about possible room at school for teenagers’ dreams. In the sequence, I highlight students’ opinions about room for dreams in mathematics classes. As a result, I conclude that a closed mathematics based on the “exercise paradigm” does not establish relationships with students and does not open space for their dreams.



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