Published October 1, 1999 | Version v1
Technical note Open

Digitization of Metform data and Conversion to Flatfile Integer Format


Unkeyed data for the period 1920 to 1939 were found on 'Metforms' in the UK Met Office Archive. Part of these data with sheet numbers 30001 through 42999A containing data for the period 1935 to 1939 were digitized by Atlantic Data Services Ltd., Blandford, Dorset, between January and April 1996 at a cost of £50,000 (around 10p per record). A total of 478,796 records were keyed - 20,030 header records and 458,766 data records. This article describes how the original records were digitized into EBCDIC, quality controlled and converted to Flatfile format in preparation for later conversion to the US LMR format before merging into COADS.


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