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Key Issues in Terraced Landscapes (TLs)

  • 1. University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture
  • 2. Department of Architecture, University of Florence, UNISCAPE
  • 3. CAWR, University of Coventry


During the Fourth ITLA World Congress on Terraced Landscapes, held on March 21st, 2019, at the Visitor Center in San Sebastián de La Gomera, Spain, a roundtable discussion was held to contribute to reflections on terraced landscapes, focusing on the main themes of the congress, experiences, and thematic lines. The four thematic groups that formed the central content addressed various inherent aspects of terraced landscapes, as well as conceptual and instrumental statements that outlined the strategic objectives of the fourth congress. The questions, issues, and definitions considered within these thematic groups were 1) Living: places of wellbeing in terraced areas; 2) Wisdom: recovering the memory of terraces through actions, infrastructure, and projects; 3) Labor: construction and protection of terraces; and 4) Learning: generating knowledge and innovations in terraced areas. Based on the experience gained during the field exploration, the congress presentations, and the discussions between participants, some of the most important observations are summarized.


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