Published February 15, 2022 | Version v1
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Towards simulation of disassembly of bonded composite parts using the laser shock technique

  • 1. University of Patras


In this work, a model for simulating the laser shock-based disassembly of composite components is developed using the LS-DYNA explicit code. The laser shock technique has been used in the past for the non-destructive testing of adhesive bonds, but with appropriate adjustments it is possible to create a localized tensile stress that is high enough for adhesive failure to occur, making it suitable for use in the disassembly of bonded parts. In this first attempt, we focus on the development of a multiple loading instances simulation process, aiming to completely debond two carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) plates. The process of laser shock for disassembly requires an increased number of loading instances in order to cover the full bonded area. That, in addition to the short time duration in which the phenomena are evolved, poses a serious challenge for the numerical simulations, and thus a reliable procedure must be defined in terms of functionality and computational cost. Indeed, an iterative method, where the deformed model is used as input in subsequent simulations is evaluated, optimized and compared with a more traditional single model simulation.



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