Published October 17, 2022 | Version V1.0
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AESI Case Definition Companion Guide: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)

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This document collates into a single document the SPEAC ARDS resources (ICD9/10 CM, MedDRA and SNOMEDCT-US codes, background incidence, risk factors), tools (Case Report & interpretation form, tabular summary of key case definition criteria and algorithm for level of certainty determination, pictorial level of certainty algorithm) and guidance (real time investigation, data collection, analysis and presentation). This guide can be used by stakeholders to assess the occurrence of ARDS in several settings including as an adverse event following immunization.


The SPEAC Project is funded in whole by CEPI.


SPEAC_D2.5.2.2_ARDS Case Definition Companion Guide V1.0 17Oct2022.pdf