Published October 25, 2022 | Version v1
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Examining The Relationship Between Emotional Labor and Care Behaviors of Nursing Students

  • 1. Suleyman Demirel University, Department of Surgical Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, Isparta
  • 2. Ege University, Department of Nursing Fundamentals, Doctor's Degree Program, Institute of Health Sciences, İzmir


The aim of this study is to examine the relationship between emotional labor and care behaviors of nursing students. The correlational study design was used in the study. The study sample consisted of 157 nursing students. The study data was collected using Descriptive Characteristics Form, Nurses’ Emotional Labor Behavior Scale and Caring Behaviors Inventory–24. Nursing students had mean scores of 4.04±0.51 from the emotional labor superficial behavior subscale, 4.15±0.50 from the in-depth behavior subscale and 4.22±0.59 from the intimate behavior subscale. Care behaviors mean score of students was 5.05±0.62. A positive, moderate, statistically significant correlation was detected between emotional labor superficial behavior (r: 0.45), in-depth behavior (r: 0.48) and intimate behavior (r: 0.34) subscales and care behaviors of students (p<0.000). It was observed that students had good level emotional labor and care behaviors mean scores. It was seen that the nursing students' emotional labor behaviors and their perceptions of care behaviors were at a good level. Emotional labor behaviors of students affected their care behaviors and thus the quality of care. In line with these results, instructors and nurses should create a suitable training and clinical environment to improve the caregiving role of students and help them manage the emotional labor process more effectively.



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