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Published August 8, 2022 | Version 3.0.2
Dataset Open

mOTUs3 - genome metadata


A tab-delimited file listing genomes used in mOTUs3 with metadata that map each genome to a mOTU and provide additional information such as: the data source, quality metrics and download links. Genome sequence files can be programmatically downloaded with a tool available at:


GENOME                     Genome name
MOTU                       Assigned mOTU
GENOME_SOURCE              progenomes2.0 or extension
MGS_ADDED                  Were MGs from this genome added to the database?
CHECKM_COMPLETENESS        CheckM v1 completeness score
CHECKM_CONTAMINATION       CheckM v1 contamination score
GUNC_PROGENOMES2.1         GUNC result using the progenomes 2.1 database
ANVIO_COMPLETENES          ANVIO v7.1 completeness score
ANVIO_CONTAMINATION        ANVIO v7.1 contamination score
GTDB-R207                  GTDB classification using the database release R207
ENVIRONMENT                Source environment of genomes. Retrieved either from progenomes2.0 or from the associated biosample description
DOWNLOAD_LINK              Link to file containing genomes (one file per mOTU)
DOWNLOAD_MD5               MD5 sum of the file
ORIGINAL_DOWNLOAD_LINK     Link to original genome if available 



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