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D7.3 – Interim Dissemination and Communication Plan and Report 2

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This deliverable presents the interim Dissemination and Communication Plan and Report 2 for the ARIADNEplus project. The report covers the second 18-month period (M18-M36, i.e. July 2020- December 2021) for the dissemination and communication activities undertaken by the lead team at PIN Scrl and all the (40+) partners who are involved in the project. 

During the first period, the project partners and their organisations were the main focus for dissemination and communication, with this policy continuing for the second period (M19-M36). Information and news have continued to be published on the website, which is aimed at a wider audience, with other methods of communication which have included partner’s mailing lists, social media channels and the Project Newsletter.

There have not been any training events scheduled for period 2 and Transnational Access has remained suspended due to the current travel problems. Most of the activity by the project partners has been focussed upon the ingestion and publication of their datasets which started to appear in the public Portal from April onwards. It was agreed that the best method of dissemination would be national campaigns led by each of the partners who would target their local archaeological communities through their preferred communication channels when their datasets were published, backed up by the Project team via the website and Twitter.

The ARIADNEplus website has met its M36 targets with Twitter and Facebook being major sources of referral along with partner websites and E-RIHS, the Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science (who has also been involved in the development of the Application Profile for this sub-domain). The updated Home page design was launched at the start of Period 2 with new content being added in the form of a Training Hub (providing training resources) and also a couple of webinars being made available. The Newsletter has a good opening rate at over 40%, and the subscriber list has grown slowly but steadily. Slideshare and Zenodo have also proven to be effective for promoting the project objectives with the three translations of the Guidelines to “Farify data management and make data reusable” into Czech, Portuguese and Turkish have generated over 1,000 views and 940 downloads. Twitter continues to be the most effective channel for dissemination.

The Partners have participated in 20 conferences and events, giving presentations and taking part in round tables and workshops including CAA and EAA which were held virtually as were the great majority of events during this time. ARIADNEplus has also produced eleven articles and papers, the most recent drawing on the TNA training completed at the start of 2020 on CIDOC-CRM at PIN. The Communication and dissemination plan for M37-M48 involves an intensification of activities as well as specific targeting of the sub-domains as more data appears in the Portal, the pilots are published and training materials are prepared for a new section in the Training Hub. CAA and EAA are the two major conferences targeted by the project, along with DH2022 in Japan as this will promote ARIADNEplus in Asia.


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