Published October 1, 2022 | Version 0.6.0
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IOSACal: v0.6.0


IOSACal is an open source program for calibration of radiocarbon dates.

IOSACal 0.6 brings new features for simulating radiocarbon dates and obtaining quantiles, added respectively by Hythem Sidky and Roger Creel, who both contributed to IOSACal for the first time.

The documentation has been updated substantially, and some pages are now generated directly from Jupyter notebooks, enabling a more direct approach for newcomers who can download the notebooks and start creating their own research notebooks.

The demo web application was discontinued, and usage with MyBinder or Google Colab is now encouraged.

The development process is now more solid, thanks to continuous integration based on Codeberg CI.

- Fixed minor plotting issues (contributed by Hythem Sidky)
- Add ability to simulate determinations (contributed by Hythem Sidky)
- Introduce pre-commit (contributed by Stefano Costa)
- Make the Python package PEP-517 and PEP-518 compatible, aka pyproject.toml (contributed by Stefano Costa)
- Added quantiles method to CalAge (contributed by Roger Creel)
- Apply Black formatting (contributed by Stefano Costa)
- Introduce Continuous Integration (CI) based on Codeberg CI and tox (contributed by Stefano Costa)
- Switch documentation theme to furo (contributed by Stefano Costa)
- Convert some documentation pages to MyST-NB Jupyter notebooks (contributed by Stefano Costa)



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