Published October 1, 2022 | Version v2
Dataset Open

LISA Data Challenge Sangria (LDC2a)

  • 1. Université Paris Cité, CNRS, Astroparticule et Cosmologie


Sangria includes two main datasets: each contains Gaussian instrumental noise and simulated waveforms from 30 million Galactic white dwarf binaries, from 17 verification Galactic binaries, and from merging massive black-hole binaries with parameters derived from an astrophysical model. The first dataset includes the full specification used to generate it: source parameters, a description of instrumental noise with the corresponding power spectral density, LISA's orbit, etc. We also release noiseless data for each type of source, for waveform validation purposes. The second dataset is blinded: the level of istrumental noise and number of sources of each type are not disclosed (except for the known parameters of the verification binaries).

See LDC website for more details.



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