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Published September 29, 2022 | Version 0.3.0
Software Open

ASKurz/Statistical_Rethinking_with_brms_ggplot2_and_the_tidyverse_2_ed: as_draws_df()

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Major improvements include:

  • an as_draws_df()-oriented workflow to replace the depreciated posterior_samples() function;
  • better sampling in models in the first few due to changes in the ub argument;
  • more use of the uniform prior for $\sigma$ to better match the text, thanks to the improved ub argument;
  • a more tidyverse-oriented version of the sim_happiness() function in Section 6.3, thanks to Randall Pruim
  • a more accurate depiction of entropy in Figure 10.2.b in Section 10.1.1 thanks to help from Hamed Bastan-Hagh,
  • a cross link to the first edition, thanks to a suggestion from Will Petry;
  • some corrected typos and updates to the links and citations; and
  • all models have been refit using brms version 2.18.0.



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