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Exploring the socio pragmatic aspect of Almajirai discourse : Bara in Niger

  • 1. Department of English, Université Abdou Moumouni, Niamey, Niger Republic


This study investigated the socio-pragmatic content and functions of Bara. It seeks to provide insights on the way a given social group (Aalmajirai) constructed language patterns, bara in view to impacting positively on the minds of their addressees and serve their purpose within a given social fabric. Besides, Bara is viewed as a significant sociocultural phenomenon which has arguably been around since the event of Islamic religion in most West African countries. The naturally occurring data used were collected randomly based on observation and experience at different times, transcribed and analysed based on various available approaches.

The study found out that the expressions used are true reflections of the feelings, concerns and needs of the population under study. The findings also revealed that Bara fulfilled the six functions of language. Strikingly, in this study the wind of linguistic and cultural dynamism did not blow in the context of this phenomenon as no variations nor change were depicted regarding this language. Laden with social and cultural dimensions these expressions Almajirai have developed as unique linguistic nuances that are socio-linguistically tied to their social and educational (Almajirci system) background are useful strategic competent communicative tools in their hands. As such and as things have since deteriorated, that the concept of Bara begging for food is misconceived, misinterpreted as synonymous to street begging translated as ‘un fait social’, worse as a social malaise, it is recommended further research should be undertaken to study the other face of the phenomenon. It is hoped the study will be of valued contribution to linguistic studies, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, educational psychology, education and least but not last to authority.



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