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Published August 24, 2022 | Version v20220823
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jmcastagnetto/paper-monkeypox-latam-caribbean: Code and data for the paper on Monkeypox outbreak in Latinamerica and the Caribbean


Code and data for the paper: "Monkeypox in Latin America and the Caribbean: First response and challenge ahead after the first 100 days of the 2022 outbreak"

(Paper authors: Antonio Quispe & Jesus M. Castagnetto)

This release contains the code in R and the data used to generate the figures and table, using as sources the data from UN World Population Prospects, the World Bank country classification and the Monkeypox data from the Global Health Data Science Inititative (data donwloaded on 2022-08-23)

Analysis, figures and table consider data from non-endemic countries from epidemiological week 2022W20 to 2022W33 (inclusive)



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