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F-TRACT atlas


F-TRACT atlas release - December 2021

The F-TRACT atlas is provided as .csv (comma-separated values) files that can be read in any table editor. In addition, we provide a Matlab routine allowing to read the features of the atlas as Matlab variables. The atlas is provided for free use for research use only, with limited accuracy, which hopefully will improve with subsequent releases. Please cite David et al. (2013) Probabilistic functional tractography of the human cortex, NeuroImage, and Trebaul et al. (2018) Probabilistic functional tractography of the human cortex revisited, NeuroImage, Lemarechal et al. (2022) A brain atlas of axonal and synaptic delays based on modelling of cortico-cortical evoked potentials, Brain, when using the F-TRACT atlas.

- f-tract_v2112 : Connectivity probability as well as features describing fibers biophysical properties, estimated from CCEP data recorded in 780 patients, in the AAL, AICHA, Brodmann, Freesurfer, Hammers, HCP-MMP1, Lausanne2008 (resolutions 33, 60, 125, 250, 500) and MarsAtlas parcellation schemes. The CCEP features are: peak and onset latency (LatStart), amplitude, duration, integral, velocity estimated from the onset latency and the fibers distance between the parcels and axonal conduction delays. Synaptic excitatory and inhibitory delays are also provided for each parcel. All features have been estimated separately for patients younger than 15 y.o. (group "0-15") and patients older than 15 y.o. (group "15-100").

- Features maps : Images representing the connectivity probability and response features for all the regions in the Lausanne2008-60 parcellation.


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F-TRACT – Functional Brain Tractography 616268
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