Published August 19, 2022 | Version v1
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Successful pathways through upper secondary general school: Exploring the development of subject-specific (dis-)engagement and its effect on student success. Study aims, design and sample.

  • 1. Bern University of Teacher Education


This report informs about the theoretical foundation, the study design and the measurement instruments of the longitudinal study MEGY-Mit Erfolg durchs Gymnasium.

1          Introduction
1.1       Study context
1.2       Aims, research questions and design 
1.3       Theoretical background
2          Student survey
2.1       Participants
2.2       Procedure 
2.3       Sample and response rates
2.4       Measurement instruments
3          Teacher survey
3.1       Sample
3.2       Procedure
3.3       Interview guideline 
3.4       Category system, coding and analysis
4          References



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