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  • 1. Department of Pharmacognosy (GRD) Institute of Management and Technology. Department of Pharmacy Rajpur Road Dehradun Uttarakhand.


Alpinia galanga plant which is associated with family Zingiberaceae is mainly scattered in tropical areas and widely known for ethno medicine. Against fungi and bacteria rhizome extract have a maximum inhibitory effect. Alpinia galanga plant is used in medicine and in food preparation. Rhizome extract of Alpinia galanga have high phenolic and flavonoid contents when compared to leaf extract. Because of elevated phenolic and flavonoid content in rhizome extract of Alpinia galanga there is noticeable antimicrobial as well as radical scavenging potential. It is a well-known official drug thought out the country as integrated contribution of nature. It is commonly used for the management of eczema, coryza, bronchitis, otitis interna, gastritis, ulcers, morbilli and cholera, pityriasis versicolor, to clear the mouth, emaciation. The different parts of the plant have various effects like antifungal, antiprotozoal, antiplatelet, antiviral, antidiabetic, immunomodulatory, antibacterial, anti-oxidant effects, hypolipidemic and many others. The essential oil of A. galanga identified 1, 8-cineol as a bioactive agent having antifeeding activity. An aqueous acetone extract of fruit of Alpinia galanga shows inhibitory effect on melanogenesis (formation of melanin). By using different methods, active constituent namely, 1'- acetochavicol acetate in hexane extract of Alpinia galanga rhizome was investigated for their corrosion inhibition properties. The current review add significant information about its, pharmacological activities, medicinal properties and phytochemical investigations as a traditional drug to cure for a number of diseases. Every fraction of the plant has valuable properties that can deliver humanity. The complete plant will be broadly investigated for further future prospective.


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