Published March 31, 2022 | Version V1.0
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BY-COVID - D7.1 - Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy

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This document is an outline of the strategy in place to communicate, disseminate and exploit outputs from the BY-COVID project. The strategy aims to capitalise on the collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of the project by promoting clear, inclusive and targeted communication, dissemination and exploitation efforts.

This deliverable is part of BY-COVID Work Package 7. The Work Package aims to develop and implement the project-wide communications and outreach strategy, ensuring key stakeholders including scientists, industry and SMEs, policymakers and the public have awareness of the project and opportunities to engage, use project outputs and provide feedback to partners.

In order to develop this document we draw upon:

●  the experience and skills of the ELIXIR External Relations team

●  lessons learned from the delivery of the ELIXIR Hub portfolio of projects

●  the specific project needs to be defined by the interaction with different WPs, the

coordination team, and project partners

●  the public engagement expertise of Sciensano, a research institute and the national

public health institute of Belgium.


BY-COVID_ D_7.1 _Communication_Dissemination_ and_Exploitation_strategy .pdf

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