Published June 30, 2022 | Version v1
Conference paper Open

IoT for Improving First Responders' Situational Awareness and Safety on Federated 5G Testbeds


Mission-critical services to emergency events require a coordinated response on optimizing the actions for first responders in cases such as firefighters, police agents, doctors, nurses, and paramedics as medical personnel) actions to care for sick and/or injured citizens. A central coordination and management team elaborates on the critical decisions and actions helping to realize the increasingly demanding complex scenarios. The implementation of those scenarios significantly rely on the capability to transport and process larger volumes of data from the field to increase the effectiveness on realizing the full awareness of the situation in the field. The adoption of 5G technologies will bring new opportunities to reduce the latency by addressing larger volumes and more complex data. This paper describes the use case ”IoT for Improving First Responders’ Situational Awareness and Safety”, identified in the context of 5G-EPICENTRE EU-funded project. It aims to demonstrate a mission-critical service through application experimentation in federation adopting a ”testbed of testbeds” approach in which different 5G-based platforms are intelligently managed from a single control point. Index Terms—5G, Testbeds, IoT, First Responders, Situational Awareness, Safety


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