Published June 30, 2022 | Version v1
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Multi-agency and multi-deployment mission critical communications and dynamic service scaling in 5G-EPICENTRE project


The telecommunications segment development within the Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) is essential to give response to the day-to-day challenges that firstresponders have to face in terms of high-demanding operational conditions. In this context, 5G-EPICENTRE project´s goal is, by means of an open-standard, innovative and interoperable end-to-end 5G experimentation ecosystem, to ensure that diverse first-party experimentation activities are capable to give response to diverse PPDR operational scenarios. Among the various use cases under 5G-EPICENTRE this paper covers the inter-agency communications for emergency services as a response to the current impossibility of first-responders to easily communicate with their peers using their common communication framework. To that end, the use case ensures 3GPP-compliant mission critical service (MCS) communication framework in which both agencies can not only coordinate their teams but provide a common coordination that could allow communication involving both agencies together in a seamless way for the first-responders in the field. Besides, the use case clearly targets service and organizational KPIs that range from alarm triggering delay, scaling or instance moving time between different point of presence to the actual creation delay of the merged talkgroup between first-responder agencies.



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