Published June 28, 2022 | Version v1
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The sounds of Wilderplace, a web based puzzle-adventure game



Wilderplace is an upcoming puzzle-adventure game made in the web browser and soon to be released as an Electron app on Steam. This talk is about how the game’s whimsical soundscape came to be. Wilderplace’s in-game audio is entirely mixed, synthesized and dynamically sequenced using the Web Audio API and a unique, experimental medley of supporting JavaScript and Web Assembly modules including tonal.js, the reactive streams library @most/core, Tone.js, webdx7 and a DSP module generated using the Faust IDE.
Through a series of anecdotes about aspirations, challenges and realizations experienced during development, in this talk I’ll sketch out an overview of key technical decisions that were made and the audio system that emerged in the end. In closing I’ll share some reflections and possible directions for further exploration.


Talk paper


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