Published June 25, 2022 | Version v1
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Open science for enabling reproducible, ethical and collaborative research: Insights from The Turing Way

  • 1. The Alan Turing Institute


In this talk, we discussed open science as a framework to ensure that all our research components can be easily accessed, openly examined and built upon by others. We introduced The Turing Way - an open source, open collaboration and community-driven guide to reproducible, ethical and inclusive data science and research. Drawing insights from the project, we shared best practices that researchers should integrate to ensure the highest reproducible and ethical standards from the start of their projects so that their research work is easy to reuse and reproduce at all stages of the development. All attendees left the talk understanding the many dimensions of openness and how they can participate in an inclusive, kind and inspiring open source ecosystem as they collaboratively seek to improve research culture. For any questions and contributions, please see our GitHub repository:


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