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Stylistic thinking of Sheikh Ali Jarim and Sheikh Musthafa Amin in the book "Al-Balaghah Al-Wadhihah"

  • 1. Professor of Arabic at Faculty of Tarbiyah Antasari State Islamic University, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia


Sheikh Ali Jarim and Sheikh Mustafa Amin are a series of writers from Egypt. The book "اَلْبَلَاغَةُ الْوَاضِحَةُ" in the field of stylistic studies and the book "اَلْنَحْوُ الْوَاضِحُ" in the field of Arabic grammar studies, are monumental works from both. This work was warmly welcomed by Arabic language and literature teachers in the Arab world and even in Indonesia.

The rapturous response was partly due to the writing style and systematics presented by the author. The two works above follow the writing style of writers from Europe who put forward a coherent systematic.

The book "اَلْبَلَاغَةُ الْوَاضِحَةُ" appears as books of Western literature circulating in Europe and America, systematically. It appears no longer like the religious books circulating in the Arab world called the “Yellow Book” and the “Gundul Book”. It appears in a good format, there are certain chapters, there are certain articles, there are certain rules, there are certain examples, there are certain exercises, and of course there is information about the literature used in the writing.



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