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D2.8 Project Plan; Quality Plan; Ethical Procedures- UPDATE 2


  • 1. University College Dublin


The D2.8 “Project Plan; Quality Plan; Ethical procedures-UPDATE 2” is an update of the Deliverable D2.7, which was submitted in M14 (which in turn was the update of D2.2 at M3 and included updates for D1.1 and D1.2 in terms of Ethical Procedures).

The following updates have been made by the ARETE consortium between M14- M26:
● The ARETE project successfully underwent a first project review in M14.
● The ARETE project has been transferred to the European Health and Digital Executive

Agency (the ‘new granting authority’) from DG for Communications Networks,

Content and Technology.
● The 1st Periodic Report including the M18 financial reports has been submitted, and

the interim payment has been approved by EC.
● The 2nd amendment of the Grant Agreement has been introduced and submitted in

o Annex 1 (Description of Action - DoA) has been changed; o Annex 2 (estimated budget of action) has been changed;

● To date, 26 deliverables has been completed, 9 of them have been approved and one milestone has been achieved.

● To date, 5 General Assembly (GA) meetings, 8 Project Steering Committee (PSC) meetings including 1 extraordinary PSC which was called by Project Coordinator in M23 to migrate the risks of the ARETE project and 1 reviewing meeting have been completed.

● The WP7 leader changed from CLB to VIC from M15.
● Partner 4 University of Leicester (ULE) was terminated in M23, and the new partner

Durham University (UDUR) joined the consortium in M24 (as the WP4 leader Prof. Effie Law accepted a new position at Durham University). The WP4 lead has changed from ULE to UDUR.

● A new Pilot 4: Teaching with eXtended Reality -Evaluating the MirageXR Authoring Tool (the teachers would utilise and evaluate the AR authoring toolkit, given the research gas identified with the literature review that took place within the second year of the project) added on the 2nd amendment.

● The WP3 and WP4 end dates have been extended to M42.
● A new General Assembly (GA) meeting (in M38) added on the 2nd amendment due the

ARETE project extended to 42 months and moved the 6th GA meeting from M34 to

● The board members Paul Sweeney and James Corbett stepped down from Industry

Capacity Board as they moved to the new industry positions.

This report is tended to be a live document and although no significate changes to this document are envisioned, some updates will be provided in M36


This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 856533.


D2.8 D2.8 Project Plan_ Quality Plan_ Ethical Procedures- UPDATE 2_30 November 2021.pdf