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Published April 4, 2022 | Version v1
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Computational validation of clonal and subclonal copy number alterations from bulk tumour sequencing

  • 1. University of Trieste


Somatic variant identification from WGS data is a crucial step in the analysis of cancer genomes. Several tools are available to perform mutations calling, however, the noisiness of data requires appropriate quality control assessment. In the preprint work available at we present CNAqc, an R package devised to assess the quality of allele-specific Copy Number Alterations (CNA), somatic mutations, and tumor purity estimates. In order to test the model, we ran CNAqc on 2778 single-sample PCAWG whole-genomes and 48 TCGA whole-exomes. We uploaded the results of our analysis using the release of the tool available at in the form of .rds files. All the necessary details for the reproduction of our results are reported in the Supplementary Materials of the above-mentioned manuscript.


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