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From knowing to showing: Using marking tasks to demonstrate information literacy in practice

  • 1. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Department of Information, Finkenau 35, 22081 Hamburg, Germany


Search engines are frequently used and trusted information resources (European Commission, 2016). Therefore, the competent handling of search engines is critical for contemporary education and citizenship (OECD, 2021; UNESCO, 2021). The issue becomes even more pressing in light of a global pandemic which fuels the need for reliable information (Dadaczynski et al., 2021). Information literacy regarding search engines has often been examined using questionnaires with items on knowledge and information-seeking behavior (Schilling & Applegate, 2012; Taylor & Dalal, 2017; Timmers & Glas, 2010). However, addressing factual and procedural knowledge solely with questions is constrained to cognition and does not provide evidence of literate information behavior (Nierenberg, Låg, & Dahl, 2021).


This work is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft), grant number 417552432.



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