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I2K2022 GliaMorph: A Tool to Quantify Glia Morphology in 3D

  • 1. University College London


Dataset for the I2K2022 Workshop "GliaMorph: A Tool to Quantify Glia Morphology in 3D" presented by Elisabeth Kugler, Sara Beqiri, Karim Nizam, Eva-Maria Breitenbach, and Ryan B MacDonald.

Code. The code used for the analysis is the GliaMorph toolkit (

Samples. Experiments performed at UCL conformed to UK Home Office regulations and were performed under Home Office Project Licence PP2133797 held by RM. Maintenance of adult Tg(TP1bglob:VenusPest)s940 zebrafish in the fish facilities was conducted according to previously described husbandry standard protocols at 28°C with a 14:10 hours (h) light:dark cycle. Embryos, obtained from controlled pair- or group-mating, were incubated in E3 buffer with methylene blue and 0.1% PTU applied between 10-24hpf and refreshed at a minimum of every 24h.

Acquisition. Zeiss LSM 900 with a 40x water-immersion LD C-Apochromat (NA 1.1). Laser lines 488 nm.

Data. Three example tiffs of Muller Glia in the retina of 3 day old zebrafish. Folder contains data analysed with the GliaMorph toolkit. Data used for training/teaching purposes.




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