Published March 31, 2022 | Version v1
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RF recording from the QB50-ISS cubesats from 2017-05-29


This dataset contains an IQ recording of the telemetry signals of many of the QB50 project cubesats. The recording was done on 2017-05-29 18:25:29 UTC, shortly after several cubesats were released from the ISS. The recording was done from 40.5962º N, 3.6964º W, 700 m ASL, near Madrid (Spain). A 7 element yagi antenna built by Arrow and a LimeSDR were used to record. The antenna was handheld in vertical polarization and connected to the SDR with a short (~1 metre) piece of coaxial cable.

The recording is 3 Msps IQ and uses a centre frequency of 436.5 MHz and WAV format.

More information about this recording can be found in the post "A tour of QB50" by the author.


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