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Ganassi Fontegara Numbered (GFN)

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# Introducing GFN: A catalogue number for Sylvestro Ganassi´s Fontegara (Venice, 1535)

A system for precisely locating items in Fontegara to facilitate research, analysis, and practical use of its contents.

GFN stands for Ganassi’s Fontegara Numbered

Computation of:

  1. Persons, instruments and books in the frontispiece
  2. Fingerings
  3. Embellishments contained in the Regole
  4. Other examples of embellishments

Total: 2855 items in 158 pages (leaving aside the 175 hand-written cadences contained in the Fontegara book preserved in Wolfenbüttel. See below for a proposal of nomenclature).

Numbering system:

  • A simple system from 1–2855 (GFN 2855 is actually GFN 288b: see errata below), without making distinctions about their location in the book or type of content (exception: the three part-books in the woodcut, numbered b1–b3, which were an afterthought). 
  • Location: GFN numbers are normally located below the numbered item, except for a few cases in which this could result in problems of readability. In such cases, the GFN number appears on top of it: GFN 400, 899, 1274, 1277, 1318, 1367, 1376, 1634, 1680, 1682, 1719 [cont.], 1727 [cont.], 1851, 2147, 2148, 2150, 2153, and 2825.

GFN applied: localisation (GFN 1–2855)

  1. Frontispiece:
    1.1. Instruments: viols GFN 1–3, lute GFN 4, recorders GFN 6–9, Futteral GFN 10, cornets GFN 11–12, p. 1
    1.2. Musicians: singer GFN 5, recorder players GFN 6–9, p. 1
  2. Hexachord-based recorder fingerings: GFN 14–91, p. 4–7
  3. Sette note di più: GFN 92–130, p. 8–9
    3.1. Recorder “B”: GFN 92–104, p. 8
    3.2. Recorder “A” (ornamental “A”, the trademark of the Schnitzer family): GFN 105–117, p. 9
    3.3. Recorder with single trefoil or clover mark (Rauch von Schrattenbach): GFN 118–130, p. 9
  4. First diminution examples (essemplii del diminuir): GFN 131–138, p. 13–15. And two musical examples in chapter 13: GFN 139–140, p. 16 
  5. Regole (GFN 141–2826):
    5.1. Regola 1: GFN 141–1030, p. 18–57
    5.2. Regola 2: GFN 1031–1859, p. 58–97
    5.3. Regola 3: GFN 1860–2671, p. 98–137
    5.4. Regola 4: GFN 2672–2826, p. 138–149
  6. Second diminution examples (Riporto dele regole): GFN 2827–2828, p. 151–152
  7. Trills (Regola figvra[tiva]): GFN 2829–2854, p. 156

TOTAL: 2855 numbered items (GFN 2855 is actually GFN 288b. See errata on

## About the edited examples transcribed into modern notation 

This PDF, raw edition of Fontegara, is part of my Fontegara Working Kit. It contains all the musical examples in Fontegara (from GFN 131 to GFN 2828), including the 175 originally handwritten cadences.

Here are some details from

“Fontegara musical examples, written in modern notation. Just as page layout was not a primary concern when producing the initial Finale files, this PDF version lacks a proper page layout in its current version. The main reason to include it is to enhance readability: it will increase accessibility to Fontegara contents for many people. After all, it is easy to obtain from the Finale files. Therefore, do not expect fancy-looking music scores here, just the plain notes with some ficta alterations.”


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