Published February 25, 2022 | Version 1
Dataset Open

ENHG Annotation of "Verleihbuch der Rattenberger Bergrichter" (TLA Hs. 37, 1460-1463)


The dataset contains the TEI tags of the historical mining document "Verleihbuch der Rattenberger Bergrichter" (TLA Hs. 37, 1460-1463) that is currently stored in the Tyrolean Regional archives (Innsbruck).

The citeable Transcript is online available (DOI: 10.10.5281/zenodo.6274928) as well as the related annotation guidelines (DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6275197)

The data was generated by the research team of the project “Text Mining Medieval Mining Texts” (T.M.M.M.T.). The research project (2019-2022) was carried out at the University of Innsbruck and funded by go!digital next generation programme of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.



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