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Published February 22, 2022 | Version v1.2.0
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jrclogic/SMCDEL: v1.2.0

  • 1. University of Amsterdam


v1.2.0 (2022-02-22)


  • TRUE? command in Web and CLI interface to check truth at a single state
  • multipointed translations for S5, including action models
  • instance Optimizable for symbolic structures
  • provide whereViaBdd also in SMCDEL.Symbolic.S5_CUDD
  • sanity check input for Web and CLI interface
  • integration tests for web interface


  • improve test coverage
  • correction to Cheryl's Birthday example
  • new definitions and functions for MultipointedEvent = (Transformer,Bdd)
  • swapped argument order of icSolves
  • use HasCacBDD-
  • update ace.js and MathJax
  • check if dot2tex is available before using it
  • compile web with -threaded to prevent the error file descriptor ... out of range
  • bugfix in SMCDEL.Internal.Help.set
  • bugfix in SMCDEL.Translations.S5.actionToTransformerWithMap to fix #17
  • test coverage and bugfix for SMCDEL.Symbolic.S5.generatedSubstructure
  • do not shrink to empty models
  • web: listen only on, use PORT env variable

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