Published January 31, 2022 | Version 2.0
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D7.1 – Market Research and Strategy Report


This document is the second version of the Market Research and Strategy Report (D7.1) for the Food Safety Market Project (TheFSM), an Innovation Action supported by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission (Grant agreement ID: 871703). General information on the project, including its objectives and partners, facts and results, can be found on

While the initial document offered a preliminary market assessment report, starting with the identification of stakeholders in a broader context, and an analysis of the competitive Food Safety landscape, following by the identification of the value propositions for key customer segments, along with opportunities and challenges for market entry and growth, and the development of a methodology for risk analysis for the TheFSM adoption, this report refers to an eight (8) chaptered updated version, aligned with the conception of this deliverable as a living document that will be continually enriched with new insights and perspectives.

This updated deliverable imprints the critical findings from the D1.1 Report on Requirements for TheFSM, D7.2 Ongoing documentation of governance and business models and D7.3 Annual report of marketing sales and partnerships activities, while is centred around the following underlying objectives:

  • Formulate a business model and a growth strategy, supported by risk assessment and practical advice for the adoption of the TheFSM in key customer segments;
  • Deliver the exploitation strategy, for the benefit of the partners and the European Food Safety industry, while protecting intellectual property created by the project;
  • Planning and developing of an upadted Go – to – Market Strategy;
  • Amelioration and progress of challenges and mitigation measures; 
  • Developing of a data expansion strategy based on TheFSM’s offering and competitive advantages


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