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Published January 31, 2021 | Version 1.0
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D3.3 – Annual Report from TheFSM Software Components Integration and Testing

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In the current document we present the integration strategy of TheFSM Platform which includes the development, testing and deployment strategy for TheFSM technical solution. We focus the on methodology on both component and platform level. Unit testing is utilized to automate testing as much as possible, while we carefully follow well-established industry standards and methodologies in our approach. We provide examples of unit tests which test the internal functionality of components and their compliance with the specifications. Additionally, integration tests are provisioned in order to assure the interoperability between components. As more use cases are covered by the platform, these tests will evolve, adapt and carefully cover the newly added functionality. Moreover, we describe issue tracking and the dockerization process we follow during development.

The current document provides a) the approach we follow in development regarding both the overall project and within component level, b) the technical verification of our pipeline. We define how verification is guaranteed via unit and integration testing, thoroughly describing the unit testing process and c) the technical evaluation, where we define metrics and KPIs relevant to the project and we provide analytical tables which include our performance against the relevant metrics.


D3.3 - Annual Report from TheFSM software components Integration and Testing_V1.0.pdf

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