Published January 31, 2022 | Version 2.0
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D2.1 - Data Models & Representations


This document presents the updated version of the data models developed until M24 of The Food Safety Market (TheFSM) project and their machine-readable representations. In the document we briefly present data types, data sources, and data formats. Special attention is paid to the domainspecific ontologies, standard classifications, and vocabularies. The result data models are based on the desk research and analysis, based on data inventory of publicly available datasets, as well as dataset samples provided by TheFSM consortium. The detailed analysis of data requirements of all use cases and certification schemes serves as a basis for TheFSM integrated data model. Developed machine-readable data models are in compliance with the industry-accepted standards in order to ensure interoperability of theFSM platform. This document will be further updated at M36 to describe the final data model and its extensions in terms of data interoperability and coverage.


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