Published January 31, 2022 | Version 2.0
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D4.1 - Annual Report from Iterative Application Development


This deliverable reports the process and outcomes of agile and iterative development of the software applications, namely Food Inspector Application, FOODAKAI 2.0 application and the Agrivi 2.0 application. It presents how the software applications that food supply chain stakeholders use, can be connected to TheFSM to support data exchange for the business scenarios identified in WP1 and piloted in WP6. More specifically, the objectives during the second year of the project were to: a) iteratively develop functional versions of the applications along with and informed by the piloting activities, b) add new features to each application as informed by the focus groups and pilots, c) interconnect the applications internally and also externally with third-party services, d) test and verify the smooth, robust and complete integration of the various components and services


D4.1.2 Annual Report from Iterative Application Development V2.0_M24.pdf

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