Published June 8, 2022 | Version 1.5
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AC-DC and DC-DC converters analysis and definition for their application in a real Distribution Grid

  • 1. EATON
  • 2. Emotion Srl
  • 3. ASM Terni SpA


This report describes the steps for properly sizing and selecting, depending on expected performance, safety and operators training, the DC components that will be integrated in the Terni Pilot infrastructure. The demonstrator in Terni is aiming at achieving the HYPERRIDE objectives, demonstrating the benefits over the conventional Alternating Current (AC) grids. especially by the integrating renewables in hybrid AC/DC grids. This is enabling the identification of solutions to overcome barriers for a successful roll-out of new infrastructure concepts throughout Europe.

The proposed configuration and list of components will be based on the targeted functional features of the Terni demonstrator, previously defined, and will be used for the system level modeling and simulation, in Task 4.2 “LVDC virtual microgrid model and simulation”, in WP4.



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HYPERRIDE – Hybrid Provision of Energy based on Reliability and Resiliency by Integration of Dc Equipment 957788
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