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Apteroloma sillemi Jeannel 1935


Apteroloma sillemi Jeannel, 1935

(Figs 2, 6–7, 11–12, 15)

Type material. Not examined.

Material examined. Kyrgyzstan: Sarydzhaz river, 3 km NE above estuary of Ottuk river, 42.26355°N, 79.13807°E, 2760 m, 19.–20.vii.2000, G.A. Anufriev & D.V. Potanin leg., 1 female (ZMAS); Pakistan: Northern Areas [= Gilgit-Baltistan], Gilgit district, Bagrot valley, 5 m from Hinarchi Glacier snout, 36°02'32.4''N, 74°34'11.0''E, 2611 m,, V. Lencioni leg., 2 females (MCSV); same locality, 25.x.–2.xi.2008, pitfall trap, L. Latella & R. Ahmed leg., 1 male, 3 females (MCSV), 2 females (SMNS); Northern Areas [= Gilgit-Baltistan], Gilgit district, Bagrot Valley, 36°02'32.6''N, 74°34'8.3''E, 2600 m, 250 m from Hinarki Glacier snout, pitfall trap, 25.x.–2.xi.2008, L. Latella leg., 1 male (SMNS), 1 female (MCSV).

Diagnosis. Body length 4.5–5.5 mm. Body dark brown to black with pale brown appendages and elytra (Fig. 2). Pronotum with slightly irregularly distributed, very large punctures; surface medially glossy, without microsculpture; coarse isodiametric microsculpture is present laterally (Fig. 6); ca. 1.4–1.5 times as wide as long medially. Laterally, pronotum is distinctly elevated and only slightly narrowing posteriad (Fig. 7). Elytra very narrow, ca. 1.8–2.0 times as long as wide (Fig. 2); surface on intervals glossy, without microsculpture, with several very long setae (Fig. 15); punctures in rows very large, medially more than 5 times as large as pronotal punctures (row 3 with 37 punctures) (Fig. 11). Lateral margin of elytra distinctly and completely dentate (Figs. 12, 15). Aedeagus very elongate, with pointed, elongate, straight apex (Jeannel 1935: fig. 6).

Distribution. Rare species, described from a single male specimen from Pakistan (Karakoram range, Siachen glacier, Tehrong valley, 4125 m [ca. 35°15'N, 77°11'E]) (Jeannel 1935). Subsequently, two further specimens were reported from Kyrgyzstan (Terskey Alatoo Mts.: Ottuk; see above) (Nikolaev & Kozminykh 2002) and another female from another locality in Pakistan (Karakoram range, Hushe valley, Apobrok river, 3000 m [ca. 35°27'N, 76°21'E]) (Růžička & Schneider 2003). The new findings confirm the distribution of the species in the Karakoram range at high altitude and its presence in cold environments. Its known distribution is mapped on Fig. 38.


Published as part of Růžička, Jan, Latella, Leonardo & Schawaller, Wolfgang, 2015, New data on Apteroloma (Coleoptera: Agyrtidae) of central Asia and the Himalayas with a new synonymy, pp. 93-105 in Zootaxa 3974 (1) on pages 101-102, DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.3974.1.6,


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Apteroloma sillemi Jeannel, 1935 sec. Růžička, Latella & Schawaller, 2015


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