Published January 31, 2022 | Version v1
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D6.1 Technical Specification of the 3D Location Architecture

  • 1. Deutsche Telekom AG
  • 2. Fraunhofer
  • 3. ISEP - École d'ingéneurs du numérique
  • 4. Runel
  • 5. Brunel University
  • 6. University of Leicester
  • 7. Viavi Solutions


This document first describes the overall design of localization system architecture. It then describes the mmWave Time of Arrival, Optical Wireless Communications Receive Signal Strength and mmWave Angle of Arrival distance measurement and localization/mapping systems and processing performed on the location server and database. It describes the Mutual Localisation Clustering and Sensing systems of the IoT devices and the Blockchain Location Ledger system for sharing position data amongst IoT devices. It describes its location Database and Server on its own microstack Multiaccess Edge Computing FOG Server.


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