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paperChain - FACTSHEET CC3 - "Transport infrastructure sector- railways. MUDIPEL®"




This factsheet has been extracted from D07.3 "Guidelines for the implementation of the Circular Economy models"

CC3: Deinking ash and sludge use in MUDIPEL® back-fill material production:
This Circular Model CC3 is focused on the use of an innovative composite MUDIPEL®, based on PPI wastes use as light backfill alternative material in successful gabions construction at railways landslides restoration in Slovenia. The composite is a mix of 70 % of deinking paper ash (DPA) and 30 % of deinking paper sludge (DPS). After compaction can develop a considerable strength (>1 MPa at 28 curing days) and low permeability, achieving optimal properties for the intended use. VIPAP (PPI industry) collaborates with Dušan Holešek (construction SME) and ZAG (Research institute and notifying body granted the Slovenian Technical Approval (STS), and SZ Infrastructure (Railways infrastructure operator, end User). TECNALIA supported in the environmental performance monitoring design and validation. Performance achieved user requirements, but process has some critical points: proper wastes mixing, humidity control and compaction and environmental monitoring. CC3 has a high replicability potential. This light material could be employed in roads, mining restoration. STS approval grants the use of MUDIPEL® in Slovenia. Figure 1 shows the CC3 Circular Case in Slovenia. Construction of MUDIPEL based construction designs for railways slopes stabilization, Figures 2 to 4 show the industrial scale pilot demonstration, and Tables 1 and 2 CC main items, key factors and lessons learnt.


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