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Evaluation of Safe Dynamic Updating on Collaborative BPMN Workflows With a Discrete-event Simulation: Dataset, Implementation, Measurements, and Analysis

  • 1. University of St. Gallen


This artifact bundles all evaluation resources related to the paper:
Daniel Sokolowski, Pascal Weisenburger, Guido Salvaneschi. 2022. Change Is the Only Constant: Dynamic Updates for Workflows. In 44th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE '22), May 21-29, 2022, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 13 pages.

It contains the following material:

  • RePROSitory Dataset: A dataset of 106 realistic collaborative BPMN workflows, the dataset construction scripts, and a copy of the larger dataset (RePROSitory) they are drawn from.
  • Simulation: The discrete-event simulation (DES) of safe dynamic software updating (DSU) for workflows, implemented in Scala 3.
  • Measurements: CSV logs generated through the simulations used in the paper and a smaller measurement series used for lightweight demonstrations in this artifact.
  • Evaluation: R notebook used for the analysis of the measurements and to generate the results and plots in the paper, including its rendered HTML version and PDF plots for all measurements in this artifact.
  • Sensitivity Analysis: The execution script, rendered evaluation notebooks and plots, and a summary report of a parameter sensitivity analysis of the simulation.
  • Monorepos Evaluation: Evaluation scripts and results on how many components a commit in a monorepo changes.
  • Dockerfile: The file from which the provided Docker image is built.

Please find more information in the README of the artifact. It also provides an overview of the remaining documentation.


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