Published January 15, 2022 | Version v4
Report Open

From ORCID Pilot to a PID-centric framework for Research Information


This report brings together the outcomes of several SURF projects aimed at mobilizing use of Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) in The Netherlands. This work was motivated by the opportunity to implement the Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier (ORCID) at research universities, first as a pilot among a few adventurous universities, which was then reformulated as the ORCID-NL consortium in which all research universities are now members. Follow-up projects endeavored to build on the growing installed base of ORCIDs embedded in university databases for research information (CRISs). Accordingly, the report begins with a brief history of author IDs in the Netherlands (section 2), which is followed by a description of the ORCID-NL pilot initiative (section 3), transition to the ORCID-NL consortium model (section 4), and the Identifiers for FAIR research information (section 5). The final section (6) concludes with concerns about the emerging market structure for data and analytics and present work on a national PID strategy for 2021 and beyond.


SURF report (2022) From ORCID Pilot to a PID-centric framework for Research Information.pdf