Published December 31, 2021 | Version 1.00
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Situation Awareness Model - specification, V2


This deliverable D3.8 "Situation Awareness Model – specification V2" presents the second iteration of the methodology and the actual technical work in the frame of the Situation Awareness model. Based on the previous iteration of the model, as well as the needs that have arisen in the project, we build upon the original model, expand it and provide an efficient, high-availability deployment. Furthermore, these needs have given a new dimension to the Situation Awareness model. More specifically, the model is now also responsible for • Real-time monitoring of devices paired with actors during S&R operations. • Filtering of real-time metrics of the devices against specific rules which define the safety and danger thresholds per device/value. • Timely notification of the actors, if some of their metrics indicate a health risk. • Detailed notification in case of alert triggers with the symptoms experienced and the action which needs to be taken. These aspects serve as the basis upon which we expand the SA model. Finally, the results of this deliverable serve as thorough documentation of the provided services of the SA model, enabling its usage and adoption by all relevant services and components of the project.


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