Published October 14, 2020 | Version 1
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Arequipa: A City with Terraces in Southern Peru


The city of Arequipa, Southern Perú is located at 2,700 m a.m.s.l. . in a semi desert zone, the Oceanic Yunga, as an extension of the Atacama Desert. This zone presents gorges and steep slopes which have been transformed in agricultural terraced systems since Pre-hispanic times. Most of these systems are currently in use at the localities of Yumina, Sabandía, Paucarpata, Carmen Alto, Tingo, Tiabaya, Chilina, Cayma and Yura. The traditional crops on these terraces are: maize, vegetables, cucurbitaceous and alfalfa. Most of the properties belong to the traditional farmers known as lonccos who maintain their own language and culture. The urban expansion and specially the need for water sources for urban domestic use are threatening the continuity of these traditional systems of agricultural production.


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