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Ground Penetrating Radar data acquired over Von Postbreen, Svalbard, March 2018.


  • 1. University of Edinburgh


  • 1. University of Edinburgh


GPR data and diffraction focusing Madagascar code

Data authors: Richard Delf and Robert Bingham, University of Edinburgh.

Data and code associated with Delf et al. "Reanalysis of polythermal glacier thermal structure using radar diffraction focussing"

Ground-Penetrating Radar data was acquired over Von Postbreen, Svalbard, to investigate the internal velocity structure by diffraction focusing.

Data were acquired in March 2018 over 2 days, using a PulseEkko Pro 25 MHz system, towed behind a snowscooter in an in-line, common-offset configuration. Data are stored in the SEGY format.

Differential GPS was used for positioning; coordinates are included in the SEGY data.

Data Description

Three groups of data are present here within the .zip file.

data with no preprocessing: files in ./data/aq_data/18_VP_0_*.SGY

    SEGY Radar data with pre-processing applied. Significant ringing is observed in the upper regions of the radargrams. Note file names do not correlate with the files in subsequent folders.

data with preprocessing: filenames in ./data/raw_data/18_VP_1_*.SGY

    SEGY Radar data with pre-processing applied to remove ringing and other noise using an SVD filter and bandpass filtering. Radargrams are sorted into shorter lines across and up the glacier. See associated paper for additional details.

processed_data: filenames  18_VP_2_*.SGY

    The same data as above, with diffraction coherence after Schwarz et al (2019) applied. See associated paper for additional details.


Processing files:

SConstruct: Madagascar SConstruct file for processing the above profiles to derive the velocity profiles described in the associated (Delf et al) paper.


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