Published May 14, 2021 | Version 1.1
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Dataset Package for the paper "Single and Multi-objective Test Cases Prioritization for Self-driving Cars in Virtual Environments"

  • 1. Zurich University of Applied Science
  • 2. Delft University of Technology


#Dataset Package for the paper "Automated Test Cases Prioritization for Self-driving Cars in Virtual Environments"

Description of the content:

1) "1_datasets" folder contains all the datasets concerning the test scenarios considered in the study. 
       - AsFault supports two SDC software as test subjects while generating test cases, which we use to generate our test suites.
        - BeamNG.AI. 
        - DeepDriving
    - STRUCTURE: We report test subjects considered and organized with sub-folders for each of the supported two SDC software (i.e., Driving AIs):
        - fullroad
            - BeamNG_AI
            - Driver_AI
2) "2_SDC-source-code" contains all code and scripts composing the MATLAB/R prototypical implementation of SDC-pririotizer: 

                - runSearch.m
                - runGreedy.m
                - plotResults.m
                - permutationMutation.m
                - mainGreedy.m
                - permutationCrossover.m
                - main.m
                - initialPopulation.m
                - fitness.m
                - featureSelection.m
                - faultDetectionRatePlots.m
                - faultDetection.m
                - (folder) r-script
                - (folder) python
3) "3_study-data" folder contains all the main experimental data concerning the study conducted, RQs and all generated figures and main row-data reported in section results
        - results.csv
        - greedy_results.csv
        - (folder) tables
        - (folder) figures
        - (folder) DriverAI
        - (folder) BeamNG_RF_1_5
        - (folder) BeamNG_RF_1 


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