Published December 8, 2021 | Version v1
Conference paper Open

My Favourite Place – Exploring Reasons for Place Preference

  • 1. Massey Geoinformatics Collaboratory, Massey University, New Zealand


In this paper, we investigate sense of place in the context of favourite places, exploring the reasons people give for preferring their favourite places over other places. We conducted an online survey in which we asked 114 respondents to tell us about their favourite places in New Zealand, through textual descriptions and specific, structured questions. Our results show that favourite places are most strongly preferred for their attractiveness, their intrinsic value, and the feelings of safety they engender. Economic value and genealogical links were least important in place preference. Beach environments were also given as common reasons for place preference, and activities were an important factor, with people mentioning friends and family, weather and recreational pursuits such as walking and beach activities. Our analysis also showed correlation between place attachment, identification and spiritual connection for favourite places.


J Richardson and Kristin Stock - My Favourite Place - Exploring Reasons for Place Preference.pdf