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Published October 27, 2021 | Version v1
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EOSC-Pillar D7.1 - Guidelines and Recommendations for the Technical Integration of Resources and Services in the EOSC


This  deliverable  describes  the  activities  performed  within  EOSC-Pillar  task  T7.1  to  collect information about needs for support to integrate services, either from the project use cases and services (WP6, T7.4) or from other actors, i.e. the partners involved in the project as well as the national or thematic infrastructures in the EOSC-Pillar countries.

The collection of this information has been conducted in various ways: through a direct interaction with WP6, through the WP3 survey on national initiatives and through a set of interviews with representatives of national infrastructures in participating countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy).

This document reports all these findings, in terms of need for support to integrate services or to onboard them into the EOSC Catalogue but it also contains the guidelines and procedures released in milestones MS31 (Integration and Federation Guidelines) and MS32 (Procedures to Include National Services in EOSC).

In addition, this document describes the steps national or thematic catalogue operators should follow to make it interoperable with the EOSC one.


D7.1 Guidelines and recommendations for the technical integration of resources and services in the EOSC.pdf

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