Published August 31, 2021 | Version 1.00
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Design of SOT DSS components


This document aims to identify and design the SOT decision support tool. This DSS module will be used in the S&R operations for real-time resource allocation following the strategic, operational, and tactical level of decision making in crisis situations.The DSS component is designed in order to address the following services:
• Recommended (optimal) allocation of available EMS units to incidents, depending on estimated needs
• Recommended (optimal) allocation of patients to transport vehicles and first receivers (hospitals), based on given order of evacuation and triage results for present injuries
• Recommended (optimal) allocation of tasks to available actors on the field, given demand pre-defined by the field commander.
• Estimation of expected casualties and demanded resources (EMS units), given historical data on emergency incident recordings
As an outcome, “D4.3 Design of SOT DSS components” provides:
• The design specifications of the Decision Support System in strategic, operational and tactical levels
• The services of DSS and the implementation methodology
• The overall technical approach for the design of SOT DSS services
A second attempt will be held in “D4.9 Design of SOT DSS component, V2” at M22, in order to enhance and fulfil the design of the SOT DSS component that will guarantee the smooth management of resources in a real crisis situation and help the First Responders to make fast and accurate decisions during the disaster responses.


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