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Published August 31, 2021 | Version 1.00
Project deliverable Open

Development of SOT DSS components


The current document reports the development of the mechanism responsible for assisting the end-user in decision support by providing a set of recommendations based on the current status of the system under study and by implementing a SOT DSS engine. The stream, historical, and legacy data, originating from sensors, web services, and other relational databases, constitute the main source of information and inputs for the Decision Support Systems in S&R. The SOT DSS Engine uses Linear Programming techniques and produces recommendations by combining all the above types of data.
D4.5 “Development of SOT DSS components” follows the design of D4.3 “Design of DSS components” in order to develop an efficient Decision Support System.
In the second version of this deliverable, the technical implementation details of the extensions of the SOT DSS will be presented. Service 1 to 4 will be improved and be adapted to the ongoing changes of the needs of the S&R project.


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