Published September 22, 2021 | Version v1
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Consultancy for design and PoC a platform for monitoring live indicators to measure EOSC readiness within MS/AC


This report describes the work carried out in the period more precisely from 25th March 2021 and 15th of September, more precisely from 25th March 2021 and 15th of September.

The aim of the consultancy was to develop a Proof of Concept (PoC) for a platform monitoring live indicators in relation to EOSC readiness at member states (MS) associated countries (AC) level.

The need for this consultancy emerged from the work carried out by the INFRAEOSC5 Landscaping Task Force who developed a set of indicators to assess EOSC readiness within MS/ACs. During the work, the request of moving from static view of landscaping to monitoring a living set of indicators emerged as a way to allow assessing the MS/AC progresses towards the implementation of the EOSC vision and identifying success stories and areas of improvement on which they could intervene.

The overall aim of the consultancy was, therefore, to validate the possibility of developing a dashboard solution that will minimise the effort needed to collect the information, also by harvesting information from trusted open data sources automatically and, where needed, manually, and facilitate the semi-automated evaluation of EOSC readiness against indicators within the MS/AC.

More precisely the objectives of the consultancy were as follows:

  • Use the initial list of indicators and related metrics defined by the Landscape Task Force, and reuse relevant outcomes produced by INFRAEOSC-5b and predecessor projects.
  • Design the dashboard and select an appropriate tool to implement it. Define the workflows for automatic and non-automatic data collection.
  • Define processes for practically implementing the active monitoring, reporting, and analysis of progress against the indicators, including user guidelines.
  • Define mechanisms to ensure the transparency, accountability, and actionability of the collected information.
  • Ensure flexible solutions to update and develop new indicators.
  • Involve beta testers among the NOSCIs/Mandated Organisations to test and tune the proposed solutions.
  • Arrange a virtual Validation Workshop to present the work done and collect additional feedback to consolidate the PoC results.
  • Provide an estimate of the effort and any other requirements (e.g., software compliance with standards) needed to implement the monitoring on an annual basis at the country level.

The use and customisation of an Open-Source tool, with the consequent release of all developed software under an Open Source license was encouraged.


Consultancy for design and PoC a platform for monitoring live indicators to measure EOSC readiness within MS_AC.pdf

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Funding – 831644
European Commission